Canyons of Southeast Utah (and part of Colorado)

The arid canyon terrain in Utah, especially near the town of Escalante, is surely unique in the world. There is a very large area containing an amazing diversity of canyons, from the frighteningly narrow Brimstone Canyon, to the sculpted delicacy of Peek-A-Boo and Spooky, to the wide meanders and rincons of Hall's Narrows. Opportunities for interesting photography abound. Below are two unusual images. The first is by me of a totally natural feature. Can you figure out what the subject is? E-mail me for the answer (wagon [at] macalester [dot] edu). The second, used with permission, was taken by Ricki Brown of Escalante in the Golden Cathedral and is a remarkable combination of light, water, rock, and humanity.


Valley of Fire (Nevada) and Snow Canyon (St. George,Utah) (March 2016)

Grand Junction (Colo.) area: Black Ridge Canyon (Colorado) Arches;
Mee, Rattlesnake, Jones Canyons; Lemon Squeezer (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015)

La Luz Week Again and Death Hollow Backpack (April-May 2010)

Goblins of Colorado and Rattlesnake Canyon (May 2009)

La Luz Week and Georgies Camp Canyon Circumnavigation (April 2009)

TukuhnikiVista Arch (Moab; May 2008)

Zebra Slot
Egypt 3
The Origami Traverse (aka Advanced Fold Canyon; April 2008)

The Lower West Side (of Escalante River): Fools Canyon and the Bobway (April / May 2007)

The Lower East Side (of Escalante River);
Davis Gulch; Sheffield Road Joints (April 2006)

Phipps Arch, Collet Top Arch, Bighorn Canyons, Red Breaks Canyon, Moody Canyons (March 2005)

Secret Spire and Funnel Arch (Moab; November 2004)

Waterpocket Fold and Hall's Narrows
Pritchett Arch, Moab (March 2004)

Mineral and Hypatia Canyons (Moab; March 2003)

Angel and Corona Arches (Canyonlands and Moab; March 2002)

Elephant Canyon in Needles District of Canyonlands (May 2001)

Lower East Side (Stevens, Rose, Fold, Shofar, Hydra, Icahbod, and Beryl Canyons; April 2000)

Brimstone Canyon (April 2000)

Hall's Narrows (March 2000)

Choprock and Neon Canyons and the Golden Cathedral (May 1999)

Spooky and Peek-A-Boo Canyons (March 1997)

Explorer Canyon (February 1994)

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