Page, Arizona (Sidestep, Edmaiers, White Pocket, Yellow Rock, Wahweap, Sam Pollock Arch)



Top: Tower of Silence (left); some shockingly fragile compaction bands in the Navajo sandstone of the White Pocket area (right).
Bottom:  A remarkable complex of compaction bands (lace rock) at Edmaier’s Secret (left); the Little People of the Blue Wonder Slot Canyon, an example of pareidolia (right).

Trip Report


Sidestep Canyon, Blue Wonder Slot, Twisted Hoodoo, Pareidolia

Edmaier’s Secret, Narnia Slot and Arch

White Pocket Butte

Yellow Rock and Red Top

Wahweap Hoodoos

Sam Pollock Arch and Hackberry Canyon

San Juan Goosenecks

Upheaval Dome

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