Angel and Corona Arches (Canyonlands and Moab; March 2002)

Joan and I had an eventful trip to Moab in late March, 2002. First we did some day-hiking near Moab, and that led to the photo below of Corona Arch, the best photo of the trip. We visited Corona Arch, Bowtie Arch, Pinto Arch, and Funnel Arch, all west of town (not in Arches National Park). Then we headed to Needles for a one-night backpack along Salt Creek, with the goal of reaching Angel Arch. The drive in the sand and water was uneventful, as was the hike. We camped near Crescent Arch and continued on to Angel Arch and back to camp. The next day we went high towards Crescent Arch, and then hiked out. Conditions were great. But we damaged our car in the water on the drive out. Somehow a wave set up in the long wet spot and came back into the air intake. We ended up being towed into Moab, and leaving the car in town for repairs. Several days later a friend said that when she drove that road years ago, the ranger said that the wet spots were deep, but the traction is good, so it is best to go slowly. That is not the natural reaction to long wet spots, and I wish we would have had that advice before we started!

Corona Arch

Angel Arch

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