TukuhnikiVista Arch (Moab; May 2008)

May 9, 2008. Using Barnes's book as a guide, but without his no-longer-available map, it was a little tricky to find the right road, but we did. We followed his instructions and parked where the going became impassable for anything but a high-clearance jeep. Then we could easily follow the route past Moab Rim Arch, from where we easily see Tuku Arch on the skyline. The scramble up to it was simple.

After viewing the arch we went to the "Rocks 2" benchmark -- curiously there were two BMs at that spot -- and then came back through the fins to the S and SW to, eventually, hit the Behind the Rocks 4WD (radical 4WD!) road. This involved a small slot that was fun to work down. All in all a very rewarding loop in a part of Moab I had not seen before.


Above: Tuku Arch seen from below. One can see this one from the highway. Below: Joan at the arch.


Below: Our return to the 4WD road had some interesting route-finding.


Hook and Ladder Gulch was not terribly interesting. Below is a cute double window we ran into on the way into the gulch.


And here is a beautiful butte near the end. We followed one branch of the gulch to its end, exited, and made a loop back to the car, which was 1.4 miles along the rough road.


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