For over a decade now some friends and I have taken part in the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Contest. The event is lots of fun and we have won some prizes and honorable mentions. Highlights were Rhapsody in White in 2000 by Robert Longhurst (three awards), Whirled White Web in 2003 by Brent Collins and Carlos Sequin (we took second place at the event, and our work was later named US Snow Sculpture of the Year) and Cool Jazz in 2007 by David Chamberlain (second place and featured on the poster for 2008). The links below show the evolution of each of the snow sculptures.

Jan. 2011: “Perpetual Motion”  A fanciful mix of swirls, saddles, and holes designed by Eva Hild.
Jan. 2010: “Leaning Out For Love”
  A dangling heart seeks a balance point, designed by David Chamberlain.
Jan. 2008: "Cold Hands, Warm Heart"  A romantic and swinging shape, designed by David Chamberlain.
Jan. 2007: "Cool Jazz"  A 3-dimensional musical motif, designed by David Chamberlain; second place.
Jan. 2005: "Knot Divided"  A Moebius strip, triply twisted, tied into a trefoil knot, and split down the middle.
Jan. 2004: "Turning a Snowball Inside Out"  Honorable Mention
Jan. 2003: "Whirled White Web"  Second Place; US Snow Sculpture of the Year
Jan. 2002: "A Twist in Time"  Honorable Mention
Jan. 2001: "White Narcissus"
2000: "Rhapsody in White"  Second Place, Artists' Choice, People's Choice
Jan. 1999: "Invisible Handshake" A giant Costa surface, under the direction of Helaman Ferguson.

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