Cool Jazz, Second-place winner, Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Competition, 2007.



                                                                                     Photos: Left top: Rich Seeley; right top: Dan Schwalbe; bottom, Carl Scofield

The Team:     David Chamberlain, Marshfield, Massachusetts <<>>, creator of the design.
Stan Wagon, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Silverthorne, Colorado
Dan Schwalbe, Hamel, Minnesota
Rich Seeley, Silverthorne
Beth Seeley, Silverthorne

Cool Jazz Model by David Chamberlain

Day -2 (Sunday)

Day -1 (Monday -- Time to practice)

Day 1 (Tuesday -- Facing the 20-ton block)

Day 2 (Wednesday -- Heavy labor to get the rough form)

Day 3 (Thursday -- Jazz means improvisation)

Day 4 (Friday -- The shape emerges)

Day 5 (Saturday -- The heart-stopping moment of truth)

Cool Jazz at Night Poster

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