Team Minnesota wins Silver Medal!

People's Choice and Artist's Choice

also awarded to Team Minnesota.

2000 International Snow Sculpture Championships


1. Russia (Photo)

2. Minnesota (Photo)

3. Switzerland (Photo)

Children's Choice

17 sculptures (Photos)

Stan Wagon's Acceptance Speech

Minnesota team info and photos

The Breckenridge international snow sculpture competition was held in Breckenridge, Colorado, from January 18 to 23, 2000. Minnesota sends a team comprised of Robert Longhurst, Stan Wagon, Dan Schwalbe and Andy Cantrell. This year's sculpture is an Enneper surface generated by the equations:

Wolfram Research is sponsoring the team again this year. They are featuring the competition in their news section the week of the contest.

Photos from our "Costa" entry last year.

Photos from the event two years ago with pictures of town making the snow blocks.

Day (-2) Photos - January 16, 2000 (Working with Stan's practice block.)
Day (-1) Photos - January 17, 2000 (Finished practice block.)
Day ( 1) Photos - January 18, 2000 (First day of contest.)
Day ( 2) Photos - January 19, 2000 (Second day of contest.)
Day ( 3) Photos - January 20, 2000 (I forget which day.)
Day ( 4) Photos - January 21, 2000 (The home stretch.)
Day ( 5) Photos - January 22, 2000

Wood sculpture of Enneper surface by Robert Longhurst. 
Phone: 518-494-3583

Photo Gallery of Robert Longhurst on Web.

Gallery at snowSculpting Contest.

Mathematica generated Enneper surface.
LiveGraphics3D view of Enneper Surface generated by Mathematica. 

LiveGraphics3D is a non-commercial Java 1.1 applet by Martin Kraus.

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