Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Competition, 2008

The Team:    David Chamberlain, Halifax, Massachusetts (, creator of the design.
Stan Wagon, St. Paul, Minnesota, and Silverthorne, Colorado
Dan Schwalbe, Hamel, Minnesota
Rich Seeley, Silverthorne
Beth Seeley, Silverthorne


Unlocking the secrets of the human heart is a subtle process. Cold hands, a reserved exterior, or unusual appearance can all disguise a warm heart, just as our sculpture's cool exterior masks the complexity of its inner heart.

All photos by Rich Seeley unless otherwise credited.

A complete slide show prepared by Rich Seeley can be viewed at

Cold Hands, Warm Heart: Model by David Chamberlain

One Week to Go: Wed, Jan. 16

Poster Excitement

Two Days To Go: Styrofoam Practice: Sun, Jan. 20

One Day To Go: Snow Block Practice: Mon, Jan. 21

Day One: Tuesday

Day Two: Wednesday

Day Three: Thursday

Days Four and Five: Friday and Saturday

The Prizewinners, and a Spanish Visual Joke

A Poster Showing All Sides of Cold Hands, Warm Heart

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