Team Minnesota
11th annual Breckenridge (Colo.) International Snow Sculpture Championships
January 16-20, 2001

Day Zero
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five

White Narcissus

(Sketch by Robert Longhurst)

The final 15-foot high snow sculpture

Team Members

  • Stan Wagon (Team Captain)
  • Robert Longhurst (Artist)
  • John Bruning
  • Dan Schwalbe
  • Matthias Weber (Photographer)

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It is remarkable that snow is strong enough to allow the sculpting of thin shapes with complicated twists. We will carve a complex, wrapwround shape -- an original design of sculptor Robert Longhurst -- called "White Narcissus"; the name is derived from the way the twisting surface embraces itself. The idea of using saddle shapes to enhance structural strength is derived from the occurrence of such shapes in nature, as in soap films.

Wood Sculptures by Robert Longhurst

Mathematica Generated Art

Mathematica code by Matthias Weber (MSRI)