Perpetual Motion  
Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Competition, 2011

The Team:    Eva Hild, Boras, Sweden (, creator of the design.
Stan Wagon, Silverthorne, Colorado, and St. Paul, Minnesota
Dan Schwalbe, Hamel, Minnesota
Richard Seeley, Silverthorne (
Beth Seeley, Silverthorne

All photos by Richard Seeley unless otherwise credited.

Perpetual Motion.   Without movement there is no life. Evolution, progress, life itself: all require energy and motion. Our sculpture’s boundary represents eternal flow, while the faces represent the pulse of the inner and outer world, as well as the search for new directions.


Above: Eva Hild, her model, and our completed work. A view at night, showing the effects of the new LED lighting system.

A video by Rich Seeley showing PERPETUAL MOTION as one walks around it is available here. And a nighttime video, shot at 5 am on Monday and showing the new lighting system with changing colors, is here. A poster of the completed sculpture is available here. A time-lapse video by Byron Swesy of the whole event may be seen here.

We received no award from the judges for this work, but we know it is a world-class piece of art and we are thrilled to have sculpted it well. We are most grateful to Eva for making the effort to travel here from Sweden and sharing her skill, imagination, and enthusiasm.

Perpetual Motion: Ceramic model by Eva Hild

Perpetual Motion: Sunday: Day –2: Practice

Perpetual Motion: Monday: Day –1: More practice

Tuesday, Jan. 25: The fun and work begin

Wednesday: The shape emerges

Thursday: Getting closer

Friday and Saturday: The finish line

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A Perpetual Motion poster

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