Wildlife photography is difficult, since the best photos require that one get very close to the subject. Fortunately, certain animals (ptarmigan, lizards) allow one to approach to within a few feet. Here are the best of my animal shots.


Aggressive, but Cute, Goats, Hagar Peak, Colorado

Friendly Goat at Seldom Pass        

Goat Encounter on Peak C, Gore Range, Colorado

Goats Just West of Quandary Summit, Colorado

Colorado Marmot, Argentine Pass: Too Cool for School

Colorado Marmot, Independence Pass

Colorado Marmot, Uneva Pass, Colorado

Colorado Marmot, Loveland Pass, Colorado: Nice Teeth!

Marmot on Mt. Maude, Washington

Marmot at Red Buffalo Pass, Colorado

Desert Spiny Lizard and Collared Lizard, Utah

Red Fox, Blarney Peak, Colorado

Ptwin Ptarmigan, Mosquito Peak, Colorado (August 15, 2018)

Ptarmigan (all these are White-Tailed Ptarmigan), Loveland Pass, Colorado (May 18, 2016)

Ptarmigan, Loveland Pass, Colorado (July)

Ptarmigan, Helen Peak, Colorado (August, brown)

Ptarmigan, Below Valenciennes Col, British Columbia (February, white)

Ptarmigan, On peak between Citadel and Bethel (May, white)

Ptarmigan, Herman Gulch (May, white)

Best Ptarmigan Shot, Ledge near Icefall Lodge, Mt. Kemmel, B.C. (early August, 8:30 am)

Ptarmigan (Female, near chicks), High above Windsor Lake (July, brown)

Ptarmigan, Crystal Peak, Colorado (May, brown and white)

Ptarmigan Couple, Atlantic Peak, Colorado (early June, brown and white)

Ptarmigan, Selkirk Lodge, British Columbia (August, brown)

Snowshoe Hare, North Halfmoon Lakes Trail (early June)

Ermine, my front yard (January)

Moose, Near Royal Buffalo Trail, July 19, 2020.

Moose (in front of our house, October)

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (by Rich Seeley)

Coyote on the Hunt (by Rich Seeley)

Battling Elk, Colorado

Elk and Snow, Vail Pass, Colorado

Frog, Utah

Kea (Alpine Parrot) on Mt. Aspiring, New Zealand

Bull Snake

Resting Rattlesnake:

Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma platyrhinos calidiarum), Joshua Tree National Park, California

Stick Caterpillar, Nova Scotia

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