The Wrong Way to Battle Abbey (April 16–May 1, 2004)


Katie Larson descending the snow slope that provides passage through the spectacular Wrong snout, one of several spots that got our attention during a week-long traverse from the ski run of Snow Ocean to the famous Battle Abbey lodge.

         Go left on the Wrong to go right,
         The icefall's a wondrous sight.
           There's a cliff at the end,
           So follow your friend,
         And your turns had better be tight.

Trip Report (see also Canadian Alpine Journal, 2005, p. 121-122)

The Landing

Gobi Camp

The Wrong Glacier

The Wrong Snout

Oasis Camp

The Vere Gap

The Vere Gap and White Chocolate Couloir from a Distance

Happiness at Houston

The Battle Abbey Guides

Battle Abbey

A Wheelie on Skis

Moby Dick and Pequod

The Pequod-Forecastle Col

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