Wednesday: The shape emerges

We started early and put in a pretty full day, but no work after dinner. We restrained ourselves from drilling holes, but tomorrow we will have to start doing that. We just slowly removed snow trying to avoid errors. Again the wire saw was superb. We started the day by using it to cut out a curved section. The lower half fell to the ground while the upper half remained. In the avalanche world the remaining snow is called “hangfire”. So we got on ladders and pried it off, but it headed down towards my poorly thought out position, and I had to jump off the ladder, falling to the ground. Small bruise, but no real injury. Eva worked hard all day, which is of course just what we hoped to see. And Dan did excellent work atop the ever-shrinking roof.


Our design requires meticulous marking. And of course, as soon as something is marked, it is often removed. E18 and E26 refer to edge points. The piece has a single bounding edge and we measured 33 points, E1 to E33 along that edge.


Eva at work defining a trough between two edges. I like this picture as it shows what we are up against with our small tools against the giant block.


Dan on top using gravity to advantage. Weather has been quite perfect. Small periods of light snow, some sun, and generally cold.

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