Mons–Lyell–Icefall Ski Traverse: April 10–17, 2016


Icefall Peak from summit of Orbit Peak. This is a vertical panorama made from three images and shows the famous crevasse area (below triangular rock just above center) and some of our team’s ski tracks on the steep Diamond Spur (just above the triangular rock). The crevasse area below the triangular rock is always interesting; close-up on right.

Trip report


Sunday April 10, 2016, To the Mons Hut, and Division

Monday, Cambrai Mountain, 10282 feet

Tuesday, Lyell Icefield, Continental Divide

Wednesday, To Lyell Hut, 9400 feet

Thursday, Lyell 5, 11120 feet, and over to Icefall Lodge

Friday, Diamond Glacier seracs and crevasses

Saturday April 16, Orbit Peak, 8350 feet; Powder skiing

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