Icefall Lodge (April 7-14 (whoops, 15), 2007)


We had perfect weather on Sunday, our first full day at the lodge, and all 13 of us easily made it to the 10300-foot summit of Mt Kemmel. Views were stupendous. On the way down the bolder members of the group dropped into a steep chute. Rylan Cordova was first and skied it beautifully. The pass in the rear is the top of Maiden Voyage. The peak at left is Kemmel and we had all just skied the face (above the watching skiers) facing the camera.

A video by Rob Nachtwey that mixes footage from this trip and the Gold Range traverse in the prior week is here.

Trip Report

Photos: Icefall Lodge

Amazing Water Hole

Forbes View

Mt Arras's Curves

Katie on Steep Slope


Avalanche and Helicopter Evacuation

Vitamin P (Just What the Doctor Ordered)

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