Western Wallflower, rare purple variation (Erysimum capitatum, v. purshii)

On June 17, 2012, these were abundant high on the south slopes of Mt. Casco (at around 13500 feet). But I have not seen them elsewhere (though I know others have found them high on peaks in the same area). They are a variation on the western wallflower (http://wildflowerswest.org/erysimum_capitatum_colors.htm), though they are similar to the Pallas wallflower of more northern regions. The name “charming wallflower” is also used, but the species above seems to cover all color variations.

On July 6, 2014, I revisited the area, again finding lots of these purple ones, but also some white ones and some orange/pink ones. These last two seem extremely rare.



The next two are from 2014 hike.



And on July 16, 2015, on the Alpine Garden Trail which is at the uppermost end of the trail that rises 1.5 miles from the Mt Goliath Nature Area. On this day the road was closed at Echo Lake, so I hiked up 2 miles to the start of the trail, and then 1.5 miles on the trail to the upper end. I descended along the road and after about 3/4 of a mile, just headed down the open slopes to the willows and then decent forest back to the car. So these flowers are on the slopes of Mt Goliath on the Alpine Garden Trail, on the leeward side of the rocky ridge. But then, on the open tundra before the willows on my descent on the other side of the highway I found a second group of several clumps. My first indication I was getting close was the sighting of a white wallflower. Most of the flowers were near the end of their life, so next year I should head up around July 4-10.


The next three: June 17, 2016, on the Alpine Garden Trail on Mt. Evans:




On 6/29/2018 we found many above and below 14000 feet on the E Ridge of Mt Yale, with more on the N face just off the summit.


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