Sam Pollock Arch and Hackberry Canyon


Our route in took us by Castle Rock, which has an easy route to the top. Future exploration needed.



My new wide-angle lens made it easy to get a good shot from inside Sam Pollock Arch. Sam Pollock was the mastermind behind the Cottonwood Narrows Road, which was built in 1957 to connect the Bryce region to Page. I am hopeful this will make the cover of SPAN, the journal of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society, and that is why I focused on a vertical shot.



The front of the arch.



The well preserved Frank Watson Cabin. Our route into Hackberry was an intricate one down the steep canyon just above the chimney. Note the cacti growing out of the roof.



Our return to the road was via Hackberry Canyon which ends in a great section of narrows. The stream is perennial, but the flow was low so walking in the water was very easy.

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