Page, Arizona (Edmaier’s Secret, Double Barrel Arch, Studhorse Point, Sidestep Canyon, Blue Wonder Slot Narrow Fork, Paria Windows)


Trip Report

May 7, 2020.  Joan and I drive to Page. Stayed in a VRBO house that was fine.
May 8.  Hike Edmaier’s Secret with Bill and Elaine Belvin. Got to a feature that I had wondered about for some time. Beautiful tower.
May 9.  Double Barrel Arch and Studhorse Point in evening.
May 10.  Short hike around Navajo sandstone near the dam.
May 11.  Blue Wonder Slot and the Narrow Fork with Paul Gagner and Sunny Stroeer
May 12.  Paria Windows with Joan
May 13.  Drive home

The Edmaier’s Secret day was super. This was my fourth visit but this time we spent a full day (7 hours) in the area and found an amazing section on the SW side of the main dome; that yielded the single best picture of the week (upper left). We then headed up to the rim on the east, finding a lot more lace rock.

And I made my third trip into Sidestep Canyon, this time with guide Paul Gagner and his wife Sunny Stroerr, and we investigated the difficult “Narrow Fork”, which is a northern tributary of the Blue Wonder Slot. This was narrow, but passable with some difficulty. Great fun!

Edmaier’s Secret

Double Barrel Arch and Studhorse Point

New Wave Loop Trail

Blue Wonder and the Narrow Fork

Paria Windows

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