Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport I have continued to enjoy even as I have gotten older and less flexible. I have climbed at the Shawangunks, Smith Rocks, Beacon Rock, the Bugaboos, the Cascades, Peshastin Pinnacles and Castle Rock (Wash.), Colorado National Monumnet, and various routes in the Boulder, Colo., area. But nothing beats Yosemite and Tuolomne, and here are a few photos from (mostly) my favorite routes there.

The ratings in the heads refer to the rating of the climb, not the pitch in the photo.

An Early Rock Climb on Liberty Bell (5.3)

A Long-Ago Climb on Whitney's East Face (5.4)

A Long-Ago (1985) Aerial View of Goode’s North Side

Rich Laver (1942-2012) on the Pendulum Pitch on Royal Arches (5.7 A1 or 5.9)

David Nebel Leading Up Half Dome's Snake Dike (5.7)

Stan on the Last Technical Pitch on Arrowhead Arete (5.8)

Rich Laver (1942-2012) Following South Crack on Stately Pleasure Dome (5.8)

The Hobbit Book (5.7)

David Nebel Leading the Golden Face of the Hobbit Book (5.7)

Stan Wagon Leading La Cosita (5.7)

David Nebel Leading on a Sea of Knobs on Magical Mystery Tour, Fairview Dome (5.8)

Elation on Completing the Regular Route on Fairview Dome (5.9)

Larry Dolecki on the East Buttress of El Capitan (5.9 A1)

Jim Koegel Leading the Crux on Otto's Route, Independence Monument, Colorado National Monument (5.9)

Yosemite 2004 Report (Nutcracker, Little John, Fairview Dome)

Royal Flush, Mt. Royal, Frisco, Colorado (5.10)

Elke Dratch on the East Ridge N Ten Mile Peak,Vail Pass area (5.1)

Stan Wagon on a Navajo sandstone sport climb near St. George, Utah (5.7–5.9)

Mayflower Traverse (aka, The Rock Fountain) (5.1–5.4)

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