Alpine Rock Climbing in Colorado’s Gore Range


gorerangerock_4.gif Peak T, Gore Range, Colorado (5.5 and 5.8 variation)

gorerangerock_19.gif Thor Tower, Valhalla (5.7)

gorerangerock_22.gif North Ten Mile Peak, E Ridge (5.1)

gorerangerock_32.gif Rain to Silverthorne Ridge (easy fifth class)

Freya Tower (West, 5.6)

gorerangerock_48.gif Freya Tower (East, 5.8)

gorerangerock_52.gif Red Peak, Red Diamond Ridge (5.2)

East Thorne, East Ridge (5.7)

Zodiac Spires (5.8)

Buffalo Mountain, the Buffalo Horn (5.6)

Asgard Ridge, Valhalla (low class 5)

gorerangerock_63.gif Waterfall Buttress, East Red (5.6+, R)

The Grand Traverse (class 3 and 4)

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