Canada Skiing

In the mountains of Alberta and British Columbia there are several lodges and huts that offer superb skiing. Some of these huts, such as those on the Wapta traverse, are accessible by foot; others require a helicopter. Here is a selection of photos and trip reports from the huts on the Wapta Traverse, Mistaya Lodge, Fairy Meadows, Battle Abbey, Sorcerer Lake Lodge, Olive Hut, Campbell Icefield Chalet, and Icefall Lodge.

The sport of "ski traversing" is also popular: one goes point-to-point with tents and heavy packs over glaciers and high passes. I have done eight such trips: the Rogers Pass to Bugaboos ski traverse (14 days, 1990), the Southern Cariboos ski traverse (partial, 10 days, 1992), an 8-day traverse in the Adamant Range to Fairy Meadows Hut (April 2001), an 8-day traverse in the Northern Selkirks to Sorcerer Lake Lodge (April-May 2002), a 9-day traverse on a part of the Great Divide Ski Traverse (April 2003), a 9-day traverse from Snow Ocean north to Battle Abbey on terrain that had not been traveled in this way before (April 2004), a 10-day traverse of the Jordan Range of the Monashees (April 2006), and a 9-day traverse of the Gold Range of the Monashees (March/April 2007). Of course, hut-to-hut traverses are much simpler, and I have done two of those (the Wapta and the Icefall). And in 2013 we did something new, a one-week base camp, at Oasis Lake, south of Battle Abbey. And in 2015 we again set up a week-long base camp near Valenciennes Mountain (near Icefall Lodge). That trip marked my 26th year of exploring these ranges on skis.


Some of the Best Photos

Ski Traverses

Mons Hut to Lyell Hut to Icefall Lodge (8 days; April 2016)  
Icefall Lodge to Lyell Hut to Mons Hut (8 days; April 2012)
The Gold Range of the Monashees (8 days; March-April 2007)
The Jordan Range of the Monashees (10 days; April 2006)
The Wrong Way to Battle Abbey (9 days; April 2004)  
Mons to Mummery Traverse (9 days; April 2003)
Alchemists Traverse to Sorcerer Lodge (8 days; April-May 2002)  
Fairy Meadows Ski Traverse (8 days; April 2001)  
Wapta Traverse (7 days; April 1997)
Premier Range (Cariboos) Ski Traverse (10 days; April 1992)
Rogers Pass to Bugaboos (14 days; April 1990)

Base Camps

Bush Pass Base Camp (April 2018)
Valenciennes Base Camp (April 2015)
Oasis Lake Base Camp (April 2013)

Huts and Lodges

Icefall Lodge (April 2011)
Icefall Lodge (April 2007)
Campbell Icefield Chalet (February 2006)
Olive Hut (April 2005)
Stanley Mitchell Hut (April 2003)  
Sorcerer Lake Lodge (May 2002)  
Fairy Meadows Hut (April/May 2001)
Battle Abbey (8 days; March 1999 and March 2000)  
Mistaya Lodge (8 days; April 1997)

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