Sunday, March 13, 2016: Valley of Fire: The Fire Wave

Friday/Saturday: I drove to Overton, Nevada, and Larry Carter and Jeanne Ferrante met Joan at the Las Vegas airport (she had been in Palm Springs) and drove in with her. We stayed at the North Shore Inn at Lake Mead, in Overton, which was a fine place. Conditions in Palm Springs were hot and Joan appreciated the moderate temperatures of the week to come.

We started with the short hike to the Fire Wave, which provided superb color and shape. Then we headed to the White Domes loop, which had some remains of a movie set (many movies have been filmed at Valley of Fire) and a very nice short slot canyon. And we finished with a hike to Rainbow Vista, which provided an extensive view of a trailless section of the park that would be amazing to explore some day. All the sandstone here is Aztec Sandstone, which looks like other types I was familiar with, but yet erodes very differently.

Here are some shots of the Fire Wave.



The White Domes Slot



And the view from Rainbow Vista. Exploring the wild area visible from this point would surely be fun, and it seems easy to access.


I loved the Cholla Cactus


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