Lemon Squeezer

On Saturday, April 29, Bill Briggs and I hoped to go into Crown Arch but the access road was too muddy; there had been 1/2 inch of rain on Thursday. So we did the Lemon Squeezer. Rough Canyon is usually dry. Not this day.


The start has this wonderful structured wall, which does not occur again. Water erosion presumably. Nascent tafoni?


After the entrance there is a spot with a choice: One can raise oneself up and left through a hole (strenuous) or go out through a slot into the light and then climb a low-angle face. Bill chose the latter (and I followed) and it was definitely easier than the hole. My pic is not very good, so is omitted. After that comes a very narrow section, and then one sees the light of the large balcony.


Bill at the balcony.


Stan at the balcony. Photo by Bill Briggs.


The crux is a smooth-walled chimney to surmount this chockstone. In 2015 I led this with some grunting. Bill went first this time and watching him meant I could do it more smoothly than last time. Photo by Bill Briggs.


The last move is very exposed. Facing inward is clearly the way to do it securely. Last time I faced out. After this we wandered up and right and then found one way among several to get over the final cliff to the top. From there we just headed directly back to the car on a very gentle slope; that exit was very efficient.


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