A Long-Ago (1985) Aerial View of Goode’s North Side

This shot was taken in late July, 1985, one week after John Hutchinson, Sandy Kline, Michael Toner, and I climbed the famous NE Buttress of Goode. The beautiful line is the prominent sharp buttress left of the direct vertical line down from the summit. Our first camp was below the rock slabs, just below tree line. Then we gained the glacier, gained the buttress from the east side of the bottom (some 5.6), and climbed the 25 pitches, mostly 4th class, but some 5th class to the top. Getting water up high was a small problem. We spent a warm perfect night on the summit. We descended back the way we came a little bit, then around to prominent low saddle and down the other side (south) to catch a bus back to Stehekin.

One week later we returned to Stehekin and hired the float plane to take us on a tour of the north sides of Goode, Forbidden, Eldorado. This early morning shot of the face of Goode was the best of the photos.


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