Elation on Completing the Regular Route on Fairview Dome (5.9)


I had been thinking about this classic route for many years. When Byron Lemay and I got to the base in Sept. 2000 I realized I had forgotten my rock shoes in camp. I asked Byron if he would mind leading the whole thing and he, still a beginner but a very good one, said "No problem". So I followed the entire route in worn-out sneakers! I took tension a couple times, but was otherwise forced into good style and felt very good that we could complete this route. Maybe one should use sneakers more often! There are 7 hard pitches and then some easier ones. For us, as with most parties, the favorite pitch was the last hard one; though only 5.7, it is an intimidating overhang that goes easily thanks to well-placed holds. Photo: Byron Lemay.

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