Here is a list of peaks and routes I have climbed. It is fun to reminisce about what the best days in the mountains were. A list of eleven in no particular order.

1. Eagle Peak in the Selkirks with David Nebel and Katie Larson; bivouac on descent.
2. David Peak in the Purcells with Jonathan Kriegel; first climbed by my sister’s father-in-law David Hope-Simpson (1917-2013); named after him.
3. Fairview Dome, Tuolomne Meadows, with Byron Lemay; I forgot my rock shoes and had to do it in sneakers.
4. Daff Dome with David Nebel; wonderful rock.
5. Hobbit Book, Tuolomne Meadows, with David Nebel.
6. Snowpatch Spire, Bugaboos, with David Nebel. A serious fall.
7. Dragontail, NW Buttress, Cascades, with Sandy Kline; a long route with some hard pitches.
8. Eldorado, W Arete, with Sandy Kline and Rich Laver; bivouac en route.
9. Forbidden, E Ridge Direct, with Sandy Kline; a couple hard pitches.
10. Arrowhead Arete, Yosemite, with Rich Laver.
11. Virtue Peak, Selkirks, with Katie Larson; not hard but long and we made good time.
12. Moby Dick, Selkirks, with David Nebel and guide Pierre Hungr. At ages 64 and 68, resp., this was a challenge for me and David.

Eldorado (west arete, bivouac)
Dragontail (NW Buttress)
Goode (N buttress, bivouac on summit)
Stuart (west ridge (bivouac high); north ridge)
Maude (twice: Entiat icefall; standard route)
Baker (north ridge, twice)
Forbidden (E ridge direct, W ridge twice)
Shuksan (twice: Fisher Chimneys in one day; Sulphide Glacier)
Rainier (1975)
Kangaroo Temple
Paisano Pinnacle (near Silver Star)
Liberty Bell (Beckey route)
South Early Winter Spire (twice)
Silver Star
Sahale (twice; my first climb in the Cascades, 1975)
Little Annapurna
Triplets (solo)
Tatoosh and Castle
South Three Sisters
Hidden Lakes Peak

Logan (not quite to top of West Summit)
Eagle Peak, Northwest Buttress (5.8; bivouac on descent)
Mt. Sir Donald (bivouac on descent)
Mt. Sir Sanford (not quite to top, guide Roddy MacGowan)
Snowpatch Spire (standard route, 5.7)
Bugaboo Spire (Kain route, 5.5)
Mt. Forbes
David Peak (west ridge, 5.6)
Horseman Spire (5.6)
Proteus (10660; 5.4)
Moby Dick
Virtue Mountain (10049)
Resplendent (consolation prize after Robson try)
Iconoclast (ski, guide Tom Raudaschl)
Nordic (ski, guide Robson Gmoser; also W Summit on different day)
Merlin (ski summit only, guide Robson Gmoser)
Alpha Centauri (ski)
Argentine (Selkirks, ski to near summit, walk to top)
International Peak
Lyell 5 (11120), aka Christian (Hasler). Guided. Skied. Booted last 40 yards.
Citadel (guide Roddy MacGowan)
Queen Mary's Poodle (10958, ski, near Mt Queen Mary near Logan in Yukon)
Tour Ronde (Jordan Range of Monashees, ski to saddle, walk to west summit)
Pyrite Peak (Jordan Range of Monashees, ski to top)
Belvedere (guide Roddy MacGowan)
East Peak of Mount Sir Alan Campbell (ski, twice)
Alpina Dome (guide Roddy MacGowan)
Avalanche Peak
Butters Peak (ski, guide Robson Gmoser)
Crescent Spire
Eastpost Spire
Rhondda (ski)
Mt. MacArthur (ski)
North Star (ski to skiers summit)
Division (ski to bump that forms a north summit well below the main summit)
Gwendolyn (almost to top in boots (no skis), then avalanched out at the last step)
Blanket Peak (Gold Range of Monashees)
La Clytte (Rockies, skiers summit)
Kelly Peak (Gold Range of Monashees, ski to skiers summit)
Harmon (ski to skiers summit)
Mons (skied to very high on the N Ridge (10000'; summit near 10200'), but not to summit)
Queequeg (ski, guide Tom Raudaschl)
West Peyto (ski, guide John Buffery)
Tilley (ski, guide John Buffery)
Foremast (ski, guide Tom Raudaschl)
Typee (ski, thrice, guides Tom Raudaschl, Robson Gmoser (2))
Kemmel (Rockies; three times: ski in April twice, and climb in August)
Little Ahab (ski, twice, guides Tom Raudaschl, Robson Gmoser)
Pioneer Peak (10700, N summit only: the ski summit, guides Gmoser and Raudaschl)
Ptarmigan (ski, near Purcell Lodge, guide Randy Heppell)
Peak 9800 (between Mummery and Nanga Parbat; ski)
Mt. Sibbald
Ridiculous (ski, twice, guide Steve Lovenuik, unguided)

(the ones on this list higher than 10000 feet (or very close) are: Logan, Argentine, Nordic, North Star, Alpha Centauri, Forbes, Sir Donald, Iconoclast, Resplendent, Virtue, Sir Sandford, Pioneer, International, Gwendolyn, Butters, Mons, Queen Mary's Poodle, Kemmel, Lyell 5)

Taschhorn (Switz., via Kin Face, not quite to top)
Mt. Whitney (East Face, twice)
Mt. Hood (Oregon)
Symmetry Spire; and ski ascents on Peak 9975, also known as "25 Short" and Housetop Peak (Wyoming)
Half Dome (Snake Dike, twice)
Clouds Rest (in a race)
New Zealand: Mt. French (guide Anton Wopereis), Mt. Julius, Avalanche Peak (Arthur's Pass)
Manns Peak, Moab, Utah, ski
Mount Tomasaki, Moab, Utah,ski
Haystack, Moab, Utah, ski, winter
Mellenthin, Moab, Utah, ski, winter
Tukuhnikivatz, Moab, skied east face
Tuk No, Moab, skied Exxon’s Folly
Prelaurel, Moab, Utah, ski
Horse Mountain, Moab, Utah, ski

Other Yosemite and Tuolomne climbs: Royal Arches (twice), Arrowhead Arete (2.5 times, once with guide Eric Craig), Goodrich Pinnacle, Hobbit Book, South Crack (Stately Pleasure Dome; twice), West Crack (Daff), La Cosita, Moby Dick (left side, 1.5 times), Harding Route (on the Apron), Jump for Joy, Regular Route on Fairview Dome, Magical Mystery Tour (2 pitches only), SE Buttress Cathedral Peak, CS Concerto (1.5 times), E Buttress of El Capitan, Nutcracker, Little John Right.

Boulder: Bastille Crack, Matron (several routes), Maiden, many others

Smith Rock: Dancer, Cinammon Slab, Super Slab, Moscow, Spiderman, Squashed Spider, Ginger Snap, Five-Gallon Buckets, Here and Never Seen, Sunset Slab, Lycophedotra.

Hundreds of Colorado peaks, including essentially all summits in Summit County. All of Gore Range A, B, C, ..., Z except I. First ascent of Peak T to the true summit. Otto's Route on Independence Monument. Also Royal Flush rock climb on Mt Royal in Frisco (5.9).

Many peaks in New England and New York.

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