Nov. 7, 2015: First ski day of new season

After a summer of running and hiking it is wonderful to get back to sliding. A few days ago I visited my physical therapist to discuss a few things. There is some scar tissue above the kneecap. It is not really limiting me, but it would be nice to have it decrease. He gave me some exercises, etc. We also discussed activities I should or should not be doing. There is disagreement about running, but it seems that mild and slow running is probably fine. I should have an XRay in five (or four?) years to make sure everything looks good.

I did one fast 15-minute run on blacktop up here (8700 feet) to try to estimate my VO2 max. I average 9:07 pace and so it seems that my VO2 max is about 43-44. That is good.

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