Jan. 27, 2015. 27 weeks. Last doctor visit; notes for future

All went well at today’s visit, my last, with the surgeon Dr. Cunninghan. He says that taking an X-Ray to check on things is reasonable in 10 years, and perhaps every 2 years thereafter. I still feel swelling and stiffness after exercise, but that is normal. January has been a fine month for nordic skiing and I have been skiing daily, even getting some good times on my little time trials. So all in all a great success. No regrets.

Future Notes:

Take antibiotics before dental work, or other procedures, for two years from surgery date (to July 23, 2016).

If I injure my skin and any sort of infection develops, treat medically as needed to minimize chance of knee infection.

My left knee shows some crepitus; strengthen hamstrings and stretch IT band to improve it.

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