July 21, 2014: Preparing

Nice long hike yesterday on fairly easy ground to Mt. Blaurock (13600) and neighboring unnamed, slightly higher, peak to the west, out of Winfield, Colo. Knee felt fine except for the usual last thousand feet of descent. But it was not an overly taxing hike.

The prep. for surgery involves showering on four consecutive days, including the morning of the surgery, with a cleansing chemical soap. Not a problem.

A neighbor came over and said that a new technique for total knee replacement is to make the initial cut on the side, instead of straight down the middle. She thought recovery was quicker with this entry. Hah! Because of my medial scar from 1973, the surgeon is planning to go in through that same scar! They don't like parallel incisions within 7 cm, so this is how that is avoided in my case.

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