Sept. 2: Tuesday: Followup #2, SIX WEEKS

I can now walk without any device.

Good visit with Dr C. and Matt V. Everything looks good. My progress is slower than some because of the history: injury vs. normal arthritis progression. Bottom line: everyone is a little different. Alignment looks perfect.

Clicking: Two types: on certain twisting the metal parts will always click. On normal walking, there might be some patellar clicking now, but it should go away, especially with improved quad strength.

Goals for the next appt. in six weeks, Oct. 15: Range of Motion should be 0° to 130°.

Matt suggests rubbing sunscreen into the scar.

Possibly I will need PT for six months to develop strength and keep working on the range.

Dr C. observes that a bike is much better exercise than walking at this point. I can now ride the bike at home and will do so regularly.

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