Aug. 12: Tuesday: Bad night

For whatever reason, a bad night, with a lot of pain. Hardly any sleep. Maybe the hard PT session? Combined with house guests (Peter and Gail Gagarin and JJ Cote) and a late exercise session. Should have taken a pain med, but I felt fine. PT suggests five days a week not three, and taking a pain med in the house before PT. Sure.

Very good PT session. PT sees strong improvement in extension, though we did not bother to measure. This confirms my general sense that I have been making progress on extension. And flexion is past a right angle. A few minutes were spent with the electro-stimulator on the quadricep. PT also thinks my coming cold turkey off the pain meds was a bad idea. I drove myself there and back with no problem.
Rowed 1000 m in 5:18.

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