July 29, 2014: Tuesday: Hallelujah! Electrical miracle.

Hard to get a good night’s sleep. I have been taking oxygen, but think I will stop now. The use of the pedal on the piano is a good exercise as it flexes the leg.

PT at 11:30 am. On Sunday my friend Bob brought over an EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator). Della’s eyes lit up when she saw it. It took a while to calibrate it away from a painful level. But then, with it running in 10-second bursts, we could see the quad sets being much stronger. So then I tried the short-arc leg lift and the full leg raise, two exercises that I could not previously do at all. And it was like one of those religious healing ceremonies: “RISE UP, LEG, RISE UP!” And it did. For both exercises. “AMEN”. And then after disconnecting EMS I could still do them, though less well.

Range of motion up to 61°. Now using PCM machine at 70°.

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