July 28, 2014: Monday: Slow day

Playing the piano in the morning I found I could concentrate much longer. Perhaps due to a rising hematocrit: more red cells. I slept with one liter oxygen flow. Midmorning CPM after exercising: I had it rising to 55° with no problem, with short stretches at 60 or more. Good.

Late afernoon phone call from anesthesiologist JB following up. He feels now that the tourniquet time was not long enough to do any serious damage and that, given progress of last few days, my story is close to normal. Says that discontinuing the Celebrex is sound.

Every evening my temperature is up to 99.5° or so. That is normal for healing of such a wound; but it sucks out energy. And the knee is painful after all the exercises, but in the morning it is quite calm.

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