July 25, 2014: Friday: Record low blood pressure 75/48.

8 am. Lots of pain on the evening exercises. Lots of urine production at night, which is normal as the IV liquids start to exit the body. A teeny bit more quadricep movement in the morning. Dr. L came by and was pleased by that. He reported that the tourniquet was on for only 45 minutes. This is relevant to how much nerve damage was sustained. So total surgery time was probably an hour. He reported that in phone call to Dr C., Dr C. said that really the surgery all went very smoothly. So now I have to hope for continued slow improvement.

At 10 we tried a walk and I did poorly. Dizzy. Blood pressure of 75/48, which is ridiculously low. Back to bed, got the CPM going -- no pain -- and a nap. I might have been dehydrated.

Hematocrit has risen from 30.8 to 31.9. That is low, but normal as body rebuilds red cells.

JB came in again as he administered the blocks and is concerned. He was very happy to see a bit more quad function, so maybe the femoral nerve damage is not so bad. Still, the short-arc leg lift exercise is impossible for me. Not clear why.

Into the chair for my lunch, feeling good now.

And the afternoon PT session went very well. Walking, stairs, and a set of 10 exercises with no great pain or problems. And than a shower. So overall definitely an up day. I will spend the night here and get out tomorrow. Finally, this evening, a small bowel movement after nothing since Tuesday.

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