The Installation

The process started on Feb. 16 with the rigging of the sculpture onto a truck at Helaman's studio in Maryland. Here is a view of the sculptor and the rigging (photo by Doug Vasey), taken on arrival at Macalester. The drive to St. Paul took four days in generally bad weather, with Doug Vasey at the wheel.


The installation took place on a very cold, but clear day, using a 50-ton crane. Here are two photos of the dangling stone (first by Stan Wagon, second by Doug Vasey).



Here is the installed work in the evening light. (Photo by Dan Schwalbe)


Here are three members of the 1999 snow sculpture team: Stan, Helaman, and Dan Schwalbe. Photo by Doug Vasey.


Here are Stan and Helaman examining the topology. (Photo: Greg Helgeson)


And a real handshake to mark the end of this long and rewarding project. (Photo: Greg Helgeson)


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