The Days Before the Trip

May 11, 2000:  On the airplane out of Denver. I am cursing myself for telling Katie that they match people and luggage and so the plane would not leave without her. Twenty minutes before scheduled departure she visited a shop. She was not at the gate one minute before scheduled departure, so I boarded, fuming, and her seat was given to someone else. That fellow was certainly very grateful to his unknown benefactor. With luck she will get on the next flight to Seattle and still make the Anchorage connection. Otherwise, I am happy that our schedule has two packing days in Anchorage.

Ignominy of ignominies: K. gets to Seattle ahead of me on a later (faster) flight. I did not think to look for her in the bar in Seattle and so could not find her! Eventually we found each other. Next time I visit an airport with her I will bring walkie-talkies.

Arrive Anchorage 1 a.m. Leslie is waiting for us. Rent large car; drive to the house of Brian Wick and Hilary Davies, who have graciously allowed us to use their place as a staging area.

May 12, 2000, Friday: I lecture at the Univ. of Alaska on snow sculpture while K and L buy and pack food. That is a very big job and it is a little intimidating to see it all laid out: ZipLoc bags everywhere. But finally it is all packed away in duffels. 18 days of food, with 7 more days of food for base camp. Susie arrives 4 pm. It is light very late here, until about 11:15 p.m., and K and S have never seen that before and are excited. One discussion we have is whether to move immediately from base camp and camp higher on the first night (K's plan), or to spend a day acclimating (S. is concerned, and has been altitude sick in Nepal (Ama Dablam base camp; going from 9000 to 15000 too quickly)). Probably it is sound to set up a base camp.

Brian showed us an interesting bike puzzle: Take a bicycle and have a friend balance it with one hand pressing down lightly on the frame or handlebars. Place the pedals so that one is at the top of its circle and the other at the bottom. Then push the lower pedal toward the back of the bike. Will this cause the bike to move forward or backward? Try it!

May 13, 2000, Saturday:  Pack till you're tired and shop a little. Went for a walk and saw three whales, two eagles, and a moose. We are still not certain about the pickup time tomorrow; maybe 7 am.

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