The Mountain: Largest in the World

Logan is the largest mountain in the world. Its total volume is greater than that of any other mountain. It has more terrain above 17,000 feet than any other mountain (about 40 sq km, or 15.5 square miles). It is the highest peak in Canada and the second-highest in North America. It is in the center of the largest glaciated area in the world outside of the polar regions. The first ascent of Logan in 1925 was an amazing achievement that involved the hauling of 10,000 pounds of food and gear over several months. In short, this mountain is BIG. The altitude of 19540 ft (5956 m) is slightly less than that of Denali. Remember that the natural bulge of our rotating planet means that an altitude of 19000' at this latitude (60 degrees) yields an air pressure equivalent to about 21000 feet at the equator (or 20000 feet in Colorado).

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