gorerangerock_20.gif North Ten Mile Peak, E Ridge (5.1)

This is the peak W of Deming  (sometimes called (West Deming) at the head of N Tenmile Creek. Easily reached from Vail Pass; to get to the ridge go through the Flat Pass 3.3 miles from Vail Pass and traverse and descend to the head of N Tenmile Creek.

I first did this ridge in 2011 with Joe Kramarsic, David Nebel, and a rope. In August 2012 I went back with Elke Dratch and no rope. No problem at the crux, which is the only tricky move, everything else being standard Gore Range class 3 and 4. This move too is probably 4th class, maybe 5.1 since the hardest move (just below where Elke is) has fewer holds than the rest of the climb. We did the full E ridge from the grassy slopes just W of the saddle with Deming to the summit.


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