Asgard Ridge, Valhalla (low class 5)

Joe Kramarsic and I did this in 1997 starting at Rock Creek, climbing the ridge to Palomino Point on Valhalla’s N Ridge, then to the summit of Valhalla and down to Deluge Lake and a car left at the Gore Creek Trailhead. We used a rope for a little section near the end. Our approach was via the Boss Mine route, then crossing the creek and climbing the steep wooded slope. There is a much better way (used on Thor Tower route): Take the Gore Trail south to where it turns left and then wander up to what is really the forested base of Asgard Ridge. This route was repeated (Rock Creek to Vail) in 2014 by Brandon Chalk and J. Weingast. See the nice report here.

In the picture  below, Valhalla is at left and the ridge to Palomino Point (just N of Valhalla) is seen in its entirety.


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