2012 Blog (worst spring season; 0 ski days in May, couple in April; last day: April 7)

April 7: This season looks like a total bust as far as my usual program of May/June skiing goes. I did go into Mayflower for a short outing a couple days ago. In a few days I go to British Columbia for a mini traverse out of Icefall Lodge.

April 10: Two days to go before leaving for Canada and Elke and I got to the summit of Dyer Peak out of Sacramento Gulch (13855). The descent on the face was fine and we were able to follow the water course, which was snow covered all the way as it snaked down to the car. So at least one fine day of ski mountaineering in Colorado this spring.

April 14-21: Ski trip in Canada. I have no idea if there will be any May/June skiing this year in Colorado. But the Canada trip was superb.

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