2015 Spring Blog (13 ski days from May 2 to June 28)

June 28.  With Randy Garrison. Hawaii Couloir on N Side of Pacific. The one -- “J”? -- to the west of the “I”. Steep and narrow. 2300 ft climb. End of ski season.
June 19.  With Rich Seeley to Buckskin summit (boots; 13865 ft) and skied back to car on N Face.  Good conditions. Kite Lake Rd passable to within a mile of the lake. 2300 ft. climb.
June 13.  With Randy Garrison to summit of Jacque. Skied N Face. Had to carry for first 1200 ft. Skinned to top once we donned skins except for some very small patches. 3900 feet climb.
June 6.  With Randy Garrison to summit of Bierstadt (14060 ft) from Guanella. Descent by N Chute. About 3000 ft climb.
June 2. With Dave Blakeslee from Climax Corner to below S summit of Arkansas on light touring gear. To 13150. 2000 ft climb. Excellent conditions.
May 30. With Randy Garrison to Arkansas summit via west side. Booted last 100 ft. Superb descent of the west face; conditions were really excellent and the snow coverage phenomenal. 2730 ft. climb.
May 23.  With Chet Roe from Climax Corner to 13300 ft. near summit of Treasure Vault. Very wintry. 7 hrs. 3600 ft. climb.
May 20.  To Continental Divide at Loveland Ski Area; 1600 feet climb.
May 18.  To Shrine Notch just below Shrine Peak. 8 foot snow depths. Excellent conditions. 1100 ft. climb.
May 15.  To summit of Coon Hill with Rich Seeley. Lots of snow. But poor visibility. 1600 ft.
May 11.  Short ski in woods on S side of Buffalo.
May 7.    With Rich Seeley to summit of Peak 8. Excellent conditions on both ascent and descent. 3000 ft. climb.
May 2.    With Rich Seeley to 400 feet below summit of Jacque Peak via Copper Mountain. 3000 ft. climb.
April 18-23. Ski from base camp with guide Pierre Hungr near Valenciennes Mountain near Icefall Lodge, British Columbia. Biggest day was 5100 ft.

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