2016 Spring Blog (18 ski days since May 3 to June 18)

June 18. To Geissler E Peak (13400) with Randy Garrison and Brian Litz. Fine descent of the SE face. Superb views in all directions. 2000 feet. This marks the end for 2016. 18 skis days in the 47 days from May 3 to June 18
June 11. To top of Peak 5 with Randy Garrison. Too warm for good skiing, except for the exquisite 10 turns off the top. 2800 feet.
June 10.  Carried skis and boots to top of Democrat and skied S Face with Randy Garrison and Robert McGrath. Fine conditions. Kite Lake Road blocked a half-mile below lake. Skied all the way to car at 11700. 2600 feet.
June 4.  Skied to top of Pettengell with Randy Garrison. We wanted the NE Couloir (good name: Pettingully) but it looked rocky so we skied the S face, right off the summit. Fine conditions. 3600 feet.
June 1.  Solo ski to just below summit of 12752 N of Loveland Pass. Late start so it was a little mushy. 1500 feet.
May 25. Skied to top of Hassell Peak E of Pettingell. 13215 summit, 9.8 miles. Took less time than I expected. Superb conditions. Ski crampons useful. 3200 feet.
May 24. Skin up Arapahoe Basin with Kati Campbell. 1700 feet.
May 22. With Randy Garrison to S. Summit of Arkansas (13700) via AT col from the east (booted). Down S Face, then back up to the col and down the E side. 3400 feet.
May 20. With Rich Seeley to top of Peak 12730 north of Loveland Pass. Saw coyote way up there. 2000 feet climb.
May 18.  Loveland Pass solo on the bump halfway to the large peak bounding the ski area. Good conditions. Cloudy. 1200 feet.
May 16. Light-gear tour at Vail Pass with Dave and Janet. Snowing.
May 15. Sniktau and down N Face into Sheep Creek with Randy Garrison. Fine conditions. 1300 ft climb, more on descent.
May 13. To summit of Red with Randy Garrison. Car-to-car skiiing. 12 miles, 9.75 hours. Dry powder at the summit. Ascent via Red Buffalo Pass, descent via SE Face. 4500 feet,12 miles, 9.75 hours.
May 11. To ridge below Uneva Summit; descent via broad gully between Uneva and Vail Pass Peak. Crusty in forest; fine up high. 1600 feet.
May 9. Skin at Loveland Ski Area. 1200 feet.
May 7. Bard with Randy Garrison. Weather chased us down just below the summit. I took a stupid route up, but on descent we could, to our surprise, ski to within 400 vertical of the car. 2900 feet.
May 5. Loveland downhill. Last of my 4-pack. Took one cat ride.
May 3. Peak 8 with Jake Lydard. Good conditions. Great coverage. 3000 feet.
April 22. Ski with Elke Dratch and her nephew Brian Raffio to south summit of Arkansas. Wintry. Descended the S Face. Ski crampons essential. 2800 feet.
April 10-17. Ski the hut traverse from Mons Hut to Lyell Hut to Icefall Lodge in British Columbia.

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