2017 Spring Blog (15 ski days from May 6 to June 18)

June 18.  Looked at N Face Democrat with Randy Garrison, but decided not to do it. It was skiable. But the climb back to Cameron saddle had no snow and looked ugly. So we started down the S Face, but that became mushy at 13600 so we wandered over to the E face and eventually got on some snow leading down to the trail. Not a great day. 2550 ft climb. This wraps up the ski season.
June 10.  Peak 12752 N of Loveland Pass solo. Excellent conditions on descent of W face right from summit. About 1600 feet.
June 7.  Jacque Peak N Face with Henry Gibb. 9.4 miles, 3900 ft climb. Face is steep (D9) and it was soft, to my surprise. Also stable. Skied down to 10400 at ski area (car at 9800).
June 3.  Atlantic N Face with Randy Garrison. 13870 summit. Perfect conditions on descent of the 1000-ft face. 2900 ft. climb. Car-to-car skiing. 6.5 miles, 5.5 hours.
June 2.  Pettingell summit with Henry Gibb. Great above 12500, mushy below. 7.5 hrs, 3400 ft.
May 28.  Sniktau. East Face (southern version), climb again, and north face into Sheep Creek. Unstable conditions on the first, excellent conditions on the second. With Randy, Robert, Chet III, Chet IV, and Bob. 5 miles. 2800 feet climbed. 3200 descent.
May 24.  To summit N Tenmile Peak with Henry Gibb, from Vail Pass. Back via Polk Creek. Excellent conditions. 13.3 miles; 9 hours. 3900 ft climbed.
May 22.  To Peak Six summit from the Green Gate. 6.2 miles. 2600 ft climb. Ascent was fine. Descent was mushy. Corn season not here yet.
May 21.  Vail Pass Shrine Ridge Loop. 1600 ft climb.
May 20.  Trelease glades with Randy Garrison. Two runs. Crusty in the open slopes. Very wintry at tree line (12000). About 1900 feet climb. Snow depths are fantastic, and no dust.
May 19.  Huge storm yesterday. Went 1000 feet up Buffalo S side. Fine conditions.
May 17. To summit Peak 8. Very firm and smooth up top. Mushy down low. 3000 feet climb, 2:20 for climb.
May 16.  Skate skiing below Uneva with Dave and Janet. Firm. 8 miles, 1500 ft climbed.
May 11.  Vail Pass. Short tour. Mushy.
May 6.   Buffalo, main summit, skied down front side. With Randy Garrison and Henry Gibb. Mushy.
April 15.  Lakeview on S. Buffalo with Rich Seeley, Chet Roe, Martin Reeves. Fine corn conditions on descent.

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