2018 Spring Blog (4 ski days from April 29 to May 21)

early April: a week of skiing in a remote valley in British Columbia. Report.
April 29.  Bard (13660) from Bakerville (9800) with Randy Garrison, Henry Gibb, and Chet Roe. Upper basin was fine. Bushwhacking at start was not so fine. 4000-foot day.
May 14. Skied Peak 12752 N of Loveland Pass with Randy. West face. Fine conditions.
May 18. Solo recon in Mayflower Gulch.
May 20. Monica’s Descent on Clinton (13800+) with Henry Gibb. Fine conditions. Very smooth skin to top. 3000 ft total climb. Earliest I have ever done this. For some medical reasons this is the end of the ski season for me this year. (I had a cardiac ablation two days later, and it completely cured atrial fibrillation that has been bothering me for 6 years).

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