2020 Spring Blog (22 ski days from April 3 to June 10)

April 3.    Loveland Pass, north side. Excellent conditions.
April 4.    Hassell Peak with Randy Garrison. Too wintry for good skiing. 3200 feet climb. Excellent conditions on the trail out.
April 6.    Climax Corner short ski. Conditions ok. 900 feet.
April 7.    Around Mayflower Hill with Matt Wentz and Bruce Allen. Excellent conditions. 1900 feet climb.
April 9.    Short climb on Buffalo S Side. 800 feet.
April 11.  Lakeview on Buffalo. 3000 feet. Perfect conditions. Two goats on summit. Great conditions in forest for exit.
April 13.  700 feet on Buffalo.
April 14.  1200 feet on Buffalo with Rich Seeley to the overlook of the Caldera on the N side. Fine powder descent
April 16.  Short ski near house.
April 17.  1500 feet on Buffalo solo. Climb was fine, but show was very mushy making descent horrible.
April 19.  Long broad couloir on Arkansas with Katie, Elke, and Randy. Fine conditions. Wintry. 1800 feet. New  line for me.
April 21.  Golden Bear with Matt Wentz. Excellent conditions. 2400 feet.
April 26.  Hermanator #4 on Mt. Machebeuf with Randy. Decent conditions. 2300 feet. New  line for me.
April 28.  To below saddle N of Bethel with Rich Seeley. Decent conditions. 1700 feet. New  line for me.
April 30.  To 12400 knoll on ridge N of Bethel with Matt Wentz. Superb corn conditions on descent. 2000 feet. New  line for me.
May 3.     Hermanator #1, excellent conditions, with Matt Wentz and Randy Garrison. 2400 feet.
May 16.  Uneva SE side with Matt and Randy. Excellent conditions. 2500 feet. New  line for me.
May 18.  Loveland Pass down to Loveland Ski Area with Jonathan Whinston. 925 feet climb. Less snow than usual.
May 23.  To top of South Arkansas (13700 with Matt Wentz. Booted up SE side and skied the SE couloir on descent in perfect conditions. 5.2 hours r.t. 2900 feet climb. New  line for me.
May 28. To Uneva with Elke. Back side was browned out. Went a little farther west and found good conditions down into the SW bowl. New line for me. 1900 feet.
May 31.  Traver (13685) with Matt Wentz. 4+ hours to top-. 7+ hours total. 2900 feet climb. Did a new line, but it was slushy and borderline dangerous to descend. New  line for me.
June 10.  Crystal (13862) with Matt Wentz and Randy Garrison. 3:45 to top. 2900 feet climb. Find conditions on the east face. End of season.

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