Gold Range Traverse in the Monashees (March 29 - April 6, 2007)


Sometimes the camps are as interesting as the skiing. The camp above was set up in a storm after we abandoned travel due to winds, snow, and no visibility. We dug out a fine platform and the walls were done well so that even on the sunny conditions the next day, the breeze difference between the inside and outside of the compound was noticeable. The day dawned fine and we had a super travel day, welcome after the difficulties of the storm.

A video by Rob Nachtwey that mixes footage from this trip and the Icefall Lodge trip the following week is here.

Trip Report

Beautiful Terrain: Gentle, then Steep

Ice Cliff

Strange Contours

The Group

Head Down, Skis Up

Happy Ian

Happy Me

Cranberry Ridge



I Want My Blankie



The Rare Pygmy Wolverine

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