Day Three: Thursday

We removed a lot of snow and got our basic shape. Now on to the Friday-Saturday marathon.


We made many many new tools this year, to ease the task of sculpting the specific shapes. Shown above are some that worked especially well. The best were the stainless steel helmet in the center, the lexan with mending plates to its right, and the short-handled tool with a curved sharp blade just below the half-round sono-tube.


Spray paint helps us know where we are. The cold weather minimized the paint-diffusion problem.


Some of our new ideas for tools worked well. Others didn't, and required much repair. Wrapping chain saw blaaround sono-tube was not a great idea. But not as silly as one idea from last year, when we used white spray paint on the sculpture! Photo by Ming Cheung.


A typical scene: David guides me as Dan ponders what to but with the ice saw and Beth shovels snow. Photo by Ming Cheung.


Working away.  Photo by Ming Cheung.


Rich Seeley continues the program: While[Sculpture unfinished, Remove snow].  Photo by Ming Cheung.


We marked about 50 points, A, B, etc, on the model, and our ability to transfer those points to the real world was key to our success. Photo by Ming Cheung.

Stan and Dan did most of the work at the top end.  Photo by Ming Cheung.


By nighttime the shape was visible. The change from this time (Thursday 9 pm) to one day later (Friday 9 pm) is always huge.

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