Day Two: Wednesday

Lots of snow removal today. We started with some big planes, and then slowly hacked away to get what we think is a good rough form. The amount left to do is still intimidating, but we have to work slowly to avoid mistakes. The other teams are all doing representational art, but there is still tremendous variety. The weather seems to be a non-issue this year. That is, it is not warm enough to melt anything. On the other hand, it is cold enough to freeze hands and feet, and I must bring warmer clothes tomorrow.


The day started with the removal of some big blocks. Here is one just about to fall, thanks to Dan's ice fishing saw.


David Chamberlain makes liberal use of spray paint to mark the important points. With cold weather the paint will not diffuse into the surface.


The spray paint is how we bend the snow into the curves we seek.


We decided to stop work after dinner, but the curves are taking shape. The fences and signs are now up, restricting where the public can go. Thirty thousand people are expected over the next two weeks.

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