The Prizewinners, and a Spanish Visual Joke


Winter Hunt, by China, was awarded first place. Amazingly, it was sculpted by two team members only, using only two tools, and borrowed boots, and many many cigarettes.


Yukon's Swan Song won second place: four swans around a shaman.


Third Place and Artists' Choice: Bridge of Tolerance, Germany. It looked very elegant, and also gravity-defying without the fourth support for the flat bridge. But Saturday was a sunny day and gravity quickly prevailed as the bridge collapsed within a few hours of completion.


My favorite was this visual joke by the Spanish team from Barcelona. There is a beautiful horse and rider sculpted out of granite underneath the sheet!


The Wisconsin team sculpted two fighting buffaloes and got a beautiful finish on the rear quarters. This juxtaposition with our work highlights the diversity of the sculptures at this event. Photo by Doug Bisson.

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