Day 4 (Friday -- The shape emerges)


Having a model was critical to our work. But jazz means improvisation and we certainly improvised. On Thursday morning we had a heated debate about whether we should remove the planned base, which was supposed to be about half the height of the base in the model. We decided it should go, which required several adjustments in the design, but also made the final work appear taller. It was a good choice. We also made the piece more vertical, a consequence in part of our work on the practice block. The (hollow) model was made by the artist, David Chamberlain, and is made from 21 pieces, each individually formed in ceramic.


By Friday night the overall form was just fine and the topology was perfect, except of course, for the extra topology introduced by the two struts. This photo shows the large strut supporting the weight from below and a secondary strut on the side. I suppose our plan was to possibly keep that second strut in if we deemed it necessary. It would be hidden in many photos. But we were, mostly, confident that this thing would stand up. We had great experience with the strength of negative curvature, but also experience with the weakness of springs, since a springy Swiss piece that did not even look risky collapsed a few years ago. In any case, we will leave strut removal to the end. We all retired to the condo at around 10 pm, with plans to return at 4 am to finish this large and beautiful project.

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